Experience The Casa Fresca Difference

At Casa Fresca Homes, we promise to be boldly unboring. Different by design. To build a new home just as fresh and full of life as the years our buyers will spend in it.

BFFs on the block

Bffs On The Block BFFs ON THE BLOCK

Bffs On The Block

Real people are the foundation of Casa Fresca Homes.

We started with a veteran leadership team, backed by decades of home building experience in the Tampa Bay market and a clear understanding of home buyer’s needs.

Then we assembled masterful partners, capable of building homes with the most efficient use of space. And topped it all off with a league of knowledgeable, smiling associates, eager to help buyers find their perfect home. We work hard because we know how hard our home buyers
work to invest in their home.

Bright Beginnings - image of a parent and young child smiling while reading a book

Bright Beginnings

A house is like a box. Four walls. A roof. A door.

But a home is different. Home is where memories are made. It’s where life happens — the big things and the small. Driven by building fresh, vibrant communities and inspired by an uncompromising vision of what home should feel like, Casa Fresca Homes is changing the way buyers feel about their new home. We are ensuring that entry-level homes are no longer built equally. Get ready, Tampa Bay, we’re changing the game one new home at a time.